How to Get Featured in Top Magazines

Aiming to be on that one page in the Tier 1 magazine is a tricky attempt to make. Moreover, the strategy may not be ideal for most people as only a few people in a million are qualified to take that spot. After all, the pages in the Tier 1 magazine aren’t meant for just any other entrepreneur who aims to get their business featured by the heavyweight publication company.

Instead, these papers are only preserved for those who have all the necessary qualities of a business magnate. Simply put, the spot is only designed for incredibly influential and successful business people with a seven-figure or even higher net income who can tell their inspirational story to the public.

Top Media Companies: What’s With Them and Why You Should Be Featured There?

Prestigious media companies like Entrepreneur have gained positive exposure throughout the decades by producing quality publications about famous personalities who have continuously proven their value in the industry. Aside from Entrepreneur’s industrial position as the media market’s stronghold, it is now considered one of the very few most-read sites and magazines globally. According to some sources, around a hundred million people gravitate towards its website every month.

While highly qualified writers and experienced journalists produce the media company’s yearly publication, the website optimizes multitudes of contributors who journal and publish their content directly on their website. Their content range from inspirational stories to business cases and interviews. At this point, you surely know what the point of having your name featured in Entrepreneur is. Now, let’s delve deeper into this. Sixty percent of Entrepreneur’s readers are residing in the US. Most of these readers are around twenty-five to thirty years old. 
These adults read Entrepreneur’s articles because they are curious to know more about a business magnate’s success stories, learn about their stories, and enhance their knowledge about entrepreneurship. 

So how can you get in?


Hard Way:

Email Outreach

Based on our years of experience working with our valued clients, we believe that traditional emails are still one of the most efficient ways to reserve yourself a spot on Tier 1 Magazine. Why? It’s because every adult these days has an email address, reads their emails, and submits their work projects through this channel. Thus, these people viewing their email accounts every day also means being reminded of your email content every day. Besides, the traditional email outreach method has the highest possibility of yielding a spotlight article.

Social Media Outreach

You won’t lose anything if you ask your marketing team to reach out to social media influencers and reporters. Somehow it is similar to the email outreach approach. However, this is more advantageous compared to traditional emailing.

One of the advantages of social media messaging is that it embodies a down-to-earth and more personal tone than email conversations. This approach may substantially increase your success chances. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that reaching out through social media requires you, as the brand owner, to create strong connections before you pitch your brand. It happens is because Tier 1 journalists are usually bombarded with plenty of article suggestions most of the time.

Help Some Reporters Out (HARO)

If you want to learn about a less-known technique, then here it is. If you opt for the “helping some reporters out” approach, it will require you to invest a small amount of time to make it work.

However, this is a service that PR software can offer for free. It enables article writers from all kinds of businesses to connect with PR folks and other experts. It means that journalists or reporters can publish specific requests on the provided platform. At the same time, PR pros and experts receive such requests through their emails three times every workday. Even though your sales pitches will not be acknowledged every time, we have been utilizing this free service successfully for years already. However, just like any other method, this free service has limitations too.

While it doesn’t require a lot of time for you to update journalist requests thrice a day, it’s rather unusual that your brand is the ideal fit for a reporter request from Tier 1. With that, our team of experts still believes that this technique can be an excellent tool for your brand to be featured in prestigious magazines. Small steps can take you to your bigger goals.

Easy Way:


PR Novo: What Do We Do?

In PR Novo, we help our clients get their names featured in top media companies like Business Insider, Inc., Success, Entrepreneur, and Tier 1 to set a starting point for their business’s growth. Our team of experts leverages their brands within sixty days. The entire process involves thorough planning, technological applications, partnership negotiations, and some funding.

So what are you waiting for? If you want your business’ name to top these magazines’ articles, become one of our clients now! It is an opportunity for you to enhance your credibility, improve your reputation, and boost your brand’s potential by being the captain of your niche. Our team of specialists will transform clients into business magnates by offering different courses to both local and international professionals.

How to Start?


While prestigious media companies like Tier 1 seem to be out of your current reach, you will get to know the first steps in here. Our clients have already marked their names in “seemingly impossible” dream magazines. All you need is to approach our company and tell us your story, everything else you can outsource to our team of experts who have been working with people like you for many years.

Final Thoughts

Following the tips mentioned above can help you reserve your brand a spot on those magazine pages. Your story should contain how you obtained your expertise and how you built the massive empire you have right now. Well, aside from Tier 1 magazine, Time, Inc., Business Insider, Fortune, and other business magazines only feature those stories that are worth the reader’s time and attention; thus, yours should be one.