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We believe you should get results when you are investing in PR. Our PR Accelerator package is designed to provide you cost-effective exposure.

Tier 1 Articles Vs. Tier 2 Articles

Tier 1 Articles: Publications like NY Times, Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, International Business Times, TNW, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Mashable, Inc, etc. High Reputation

Tier 2 Articles: Publications like Yahoo, Disrupt, Influencive, Marketwatch etc. Medium Reputation

Pay Quarterly


Best for building influence in any niche at a discounted price. 

What’s included:

– 5 publications over the term*

– 2 x Tier 1 articles

– 3 x Tier 2 articles

– 3 months minimum commitment**

– Complimentary SEO

– Writing Included

Pay Annually


Best Deal for regular exposure.

What’s included:

– 20 Publications over the term*

– 8 x Tier 1 Articles

– 12 x Tier 2 Articles

– One year commitment**

– Complimentary SEO
– Writing Included



Best for getting started.

What’s included:

– 1 publications over the term*

– 1 x Tier 1 Article

– Month to Month

– Cancel after one Month

– Writing Included

* We at PR Novo will select the publications where your feature will appear. Alternatively, you have the option of an à la carte rate, allowing you to personally choose the publications, though this will incur individualized charges.

** Requires Upfront payment. Quarterly: $10770 and Annually: $38280

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Pay for results only!

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