Personal Branding

for CXOs

We help Business owners, CXOs and Entrepreneurs create solid personal brands that will make them thought leadership leaders in their industries.

Standard benefits:

  • Get featured in magazines and improve your branding.
  • Reach a new audience with your message.

Emotional benefits:

  • Imagine the possibilities if you were featured in a top magazine.
  • Feel like a celebrity when people recognize you from being featured in magazines.

Visibility $13500

30 days

Best for CXOs who are just getting started to give attention to their Personal Branding.

What’s included:

  • Custom PR Plan
  • 1 x Tier 1 Publication
  • 2 x Tier 2 Publications
  • 1 x Press Release on CBS, Fox, NBC & 200+ Outlets
  • 2 X Podcast Interviews

Scale $45500

90 days

Best for CXOs who are serious about becoming a thought leader in their niche.

What’s included:

  • Custom PR plan
  • 4 x Tier 1 articles or interviews
  • 10 x Tier 2 articles or interviews
  • 1 X Top 10 List Placement
  • 1 x Premium Press release on Yahoo, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CBS, Fox, NBC & 1000+ Outlets
  • 4 X Podcast Interviews
  • Google Knowledge Panel
  • Wikipedia/Wikitia Page Creation

Boost $25500

60 days

Best for CXOs who are already published and want to improve their Personal Branding.

What’s included:

  • Custom PR Plan
  • 2 x Tier 1 articles or interviews
  • 3 x Tier 2 articles or interviews
  • 1 x Top 10 List Placement in Tier 1 Magazine
  • 1 x Advanced Press Release on Yahoo, Bloomberg, CBS, Fox, NBC & 600+ Outlets.
  • 3 X Podcast Interviews

Get a Personal Website

Get a modern website for your personal brand starting from $1997.

Speaking Opportunities

Get paid speaking opportunities at seminars and events in your niche. Manual outreach by our PR Team.

Social Media Management

Maintain stellar presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram starting from $999.

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